Sonya Lindsay



Her own inspiration to write comes from personal experiences and fantasies as well as certain situations that can be seen on TV and social media. Society today has become very sexual and more open to sexuality. Many people today use social media as an outlet to express their thoughts. She uses her writing in ways to express her thoughts and to be more open. Her personality can be very shy and quiet so writing allows her to let any insecurities take a back seat. The characters in her writing are created from the point of view of the readers. She wants the readers to be able to picture themselves as the woman or man in the stories and for the character to come to life in their minds. Even inspire them to be more open and creative within their own lives and sexual experiences.

Author Sonya Lindsay is currently the host of Curvy Conversation on SIIKETV Network and is writing erotic love and relationship fictional stories but would like to expand her writing to mystery/suspense fictional genres.